Belgirate on Lake Maggiore, a few km from Stresa and the Borromean Islands


The elegant village of Belgirate is located on the western shore of Lake Maggiore  and perched on the slopes of Motta Rossa hill which gave him a dominant position on the enchanting Borromeo Gulf.
Just 5 km from Stresa , Belgirate ideally coastal location that has made it a sought after holiday resort already over nineteenth century, the famous people who have stayed there, and writers such as De Amicis, D'annunzio, Goethe, Fogazzaro, Rosmini, Hemingway, Wagner, Stendhal and many others.
Strolling in the upper part of the country, in the narrow alleys to the steps of the quaint old town, including ancient houses, stands the Gothic church of Santa Maria, known as the Old Church, dating from the twelfth century with a Romanesque bell tower and adorned with XVI century frescoes.
From the church square you can admire the view of the lake, the riparian countries and the surrounding mountains.
Many trails will give you the opportunity to walk around and know the surrounding area and admire beautiful landscapes.
Belgirate is also a major home port for the navigation of Lake Maggiore  and starting point for numerous destinations, easily reachable by the transport service non-scheduled public that offers an exclusive tourist connecting service to the Borromean Islands and other places of interest.
The elegant and modern lakefront will be fascinated by the numerous historic villas dating back to the nineteenth century, one of the attractions of Belgirate. Their presence is due precisely to the celebrities who have previously sought hospitality in this beautiful village on Lake Maggiore.
The construction and maintenance of majestic villas of the rich parks of wealthy families resident, gave the opportunity to many belgiratesi to be employed as gardeners, housekeepers or boatmen. Until then were agriculture and trade between the two shores of Lake Maggiore the most important sources of income.
Among the prestigious villas available, Villa Cairoli is definitely one of the most famous and ancient. It was built by the wealthy family belgiratese Bono, who also belonged to the mother of the Cairoli brothers, martyrs and heroes of the Italian Risorgimento. Many meetings between politicians and patriots who were held in the residence and among the famous guests who stayed there frequently there was also Giuseppe Garibaldi. E 'in this villa that Donna Adelaide Bono Cairoli, he led the creation of the Red Shirts used by partisans for the expedition of the Thousand in 1861.
On the shores of Lake Maggiore is preserved an important excerpt from the history of the Italian Risorgimento, here he was also exiled Pietro Borsieri, patriot and writer who paid with his imprisonment and exile its ideals of freedom and where he died in 1852.
A stay in Belgirate is exciting ... There are many tourists that each year reach this lakeside resort when visiting the magnificent nineteenth-century villas with their gardens, to walk the "wrinkles" of the old town where they met Manzoni and Antonio Rosmini and admire the fascinating panorama from the lakefront.
Belgiratese on the lakefront will also thrill you by attending the sailing competitions organized by the oldest sailing club Italian "The League of Races 1858" which is based here and has had among its members important people of the Risorgimento who have sailed without fear of facing the waves of Lake greater.
Belgirate is also famous for the Congress Venues activity that takes place at Villa Carlotta, a majestic nineteenth century villa purchased in 1952 by Giuseppe Mugnai who transformed it into a luxury hotel, now a venue for meetings and conferences of political, cultural and economic.
Another important attraction of this beautiful village has a full calendar of events ranging from classical music concerts, exhibitions of painting and photography, to evenings of theater and dance, until the "International Poetry Prize Guido Gozzano" dedicated to the poet , held since 1981 at the Villa Carlotta, where in 1907 the writer wrote "the friend of Grandma Hope" by referring to the picturesque town that was home.
Belgirate is definitely a place where you can spend some nice relaxing day ... great scenery, romantic historical homes, cozy hotels and, of course, the tradition of the lake gastronomy that you can taste in the renowned restaurants.

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